Title: Pandora

Release Date: December 16, 2008



At Seekcity, everyone drinks Bryanus, as often as the radio is on. Everyone does it everywhere, and those who refuse are suspicious. In the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, the living room, by car, on the bus, the consumption of Bryanus is obligatory.
For you, to picture it : The annual Great Bryanus Victory Ceremony celebrates the best Bryanus producers.
Meanwhile, a small world survives. There people drink champagne, great wines, they eat well while listening to music Sublime and Poetic.
A kid discovers this world and becomes a marginal. The more his consumption of Bryanus goes down, the more his vision becomes Sublime and Poetic. He discovers the Infraordinary while the asphyxiating overwhelming majority lives in the Intraordinary. They are literally killing each other.

Nothing to do with money, it’s a matter of taste.

The Bryanus is expensive while Sublime Foods are bought for nothing on LODLA.


  1.  Borderlands 01:18
  2. Luckier 04:13
  3. Eht Lanif Nwodnuoc 04:11
  4. Jade Empire 02:30
  5. Isomer 04:34
  6. Avatars 05:01
  7. Return to Breda 04:08
  8. Click Click 01:32
  9. Choux à la Crème 02:01