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About Us

About Us

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Moderator Studio was born from the meeting of two producers, Jarvislain and Yomi.
Created in 2014, first as a recording studio, Moderator became a label by publishing house creations.
Jarvislain takes charge of the label in 2016, orienting it completely towards digital. No physical release but a true vision of the web and the internet. Moderator uses the tools and builds on the promises the future holds. Collaborative project partners, Moderator expands its aura, practices the cross media and equips itself with the key elements essential to the current musical production.

By the way, a word about music: we do not stop at styles, genres etc …
But we are particularly fond of the independent aesthetic, this little extra soul, this ounce of imperfection, the bedroom kind, homemade,homeworks . More, we privileged ambitious projects with a 360-degree vision from multitask artists, mainly producer but also graphic designer , developer, maker or storyteller, of all kinds and willing to invest in a common story to write, collaboratively from anywhere in the world.

  1. Jimi Dove Blind Mind Colors 5:03
  2. Raw Burger FREESTYLE Dai Burger 2:47
  3. Sweet Cow Chicken Lips 4:58
  4. Dance Dance Dance Mutthonheads 2:32
  5. Heroin Denis A 3:51
  6. Work Bitch Britney Spears 4:06
  7. Short Dick Man 20 Fingers 6:29
  8. Who's he Man ABN 2:51
  9. I Run New York 50 Cents 6:05
  10. Boogie Nights 2:33
  11. Lick It 20 Fingers 3:55
  12. Raw Power Apollo 440 6:38
  13. Game Pleasure 5:31
  14. Harder Better Faster Stronger Daft Punk 4:37
  15. Party 2 Live Crew 1:25
  16. Hey You Guys Circlesquare 4:04
  1. Farfisa Jarvislain 3:31
  2. Hachibana Jarvislain 2:59
  3. Pink Butterfly Jarvislain 2:09
  4. Where is Sahra ? Jarvislain 4:16
  5. The end Is Nigh Jarvislain 3:09
  6. Harry contre Henry Jarvislain 2:08
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About US

Moderator Studio is an independent music label with a pronounced taste for the web and new technologies.


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