theLostTape is a series of remixes, most of them have never been published. It illustrates well all those different parts and sides of AVECUNV‘s work. All put together creates something fun.

It’s mainly a tribute to the 90’s, the music that was played on radio during that time, a bit of fun about it, video games and more. It’s a snapshot. There are some rehearsals, raw experiments, it’s also conceptual, just a bit.



  • Dai Burger : Freestyle (Gufftmachine RMX)
  • Chicken Lips : Sweet cow (Jarvislain RMX)
  • Mutthonheads : Dance Dance Dance (Jarvislain RMX)
  • Denis A : Herion (Gufftmachine RMX)
  • Britney Spears : Work Bitch (Jarvislain RMX)
  • 20 Fingers : Short Dick Man (Jarvislain RMX)
  • ABN : Who’s The Man (20V100 RMX)
  • 50 Cents : I run New York (20V100 RMX)
  • Boogie Nights : Interlude
  • 20 fIngers : Lick It (Jarvislain RMX)
  • Apollo 440 : Raw Power (20V100 RMX)
  • Game Pleasure : Interlude
  • Daft Punk : Harder Better Faster Stronger